What were you doing in 1983? Well, whether you were just graduating, tying the knot or just goofing with your friends, we're going to take you back to 1983 starting at 2 p.m. Friday with the one and only David Morgan! We'll feature 4 songs an hour all from 1983 and I guarantee you'll hear some great songs from that year that you haven't heard in a long, long time.

What do you recall most about 1983? You might remember some of these events from that year:


January 30 – Washington Redskins beat the Miami Dolphins in Super Bowl XVII

February 28 – The final episode of M*A*S*H airs. They say 125 million people tuned in.

March 25 - Michael Jackson debuts the famous "Moonwalk." Credit where credit is due: Fred Astaire is actually believed to be the first to do it. That would hardly be surprising.

May 25 - Return of the Jedi explodes at the box office.

June 18 - Sally Ride becomes the first American woman in space aboard Space Shuttle Challenger.

August 30 - Guion Bluford becomes the first African-American in space aboard Space Shuttle Challenger.

September 17 - Vanessa L. Williams becomes the first African American to be crowned Miss America.

November 2 -  U.S. President Ronald Reagan signs a bill creating a federal holiday on the third Monday of every January to honor  Martin Luther King Jr.

November 18 – A Christmas Story is released. I've only seen it about 500 times. How about you?

December 2 - Michael Jackson's hit video Thriller made its debut on MTV. Hard to believe that, at one time, you didn't have to be brain dead to enjoy MTV.

Those are just a few of the events in 1983 and all weekend long Dave Morgan, Bruce Merchant and yours truly Gary Shannon will be playing the songs that went along with all those events.




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