If you've never visited the 92.9 The Lake studios, I can tell you that we are located right next to a small swamp. Being so located, we have quite a number of visits from Mother Nature's creatures.

Over the years, I've come in contact with all sorts of swamp creatures. So far, I've captured about 5 snakes of various kinds. We had an unexpected visit from a six-foot alligator that wandered into our parking lot and, of course, all sorts of furry little rodents.

Today, we found a small fiddler crab that obviously got out of the swamp and onto our patio. Since one crab is hardly enough to make a gumbo, we decided to make a movie about it instead. Well, we couldn't come up with an entire movie, but we did make a movie trailer.

We call our project The Invasion of the Crab with One Really big Hand.

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