When you play music for four hours everyday it is really hard to pick your favorite five in a row from the week. I picked these because of the variety involved. I hope you'll like this set from Monday 2/12/14.

This set was played in this order on 92.9 The Lake in the order listed back on Monday 2/12/14 from approximately 10:50 am till about 11:15 am. We started off with some great British Rock and Roll from the Rolling Stones.

I was born. and bred in the deep south and have a lot of soul running through my veins. The Main Ingredient were so smooth and really captured that 70's soul sound. Aaron Neville covered this one later.

One of the best concerts I ever saw at the Woodlands. My wife was not a huge Jackson Browne fan until she saw him live; then she fell in love. He is one of the best song writers of a generation. This is one of his earlier songs.

I really loved the entire "The Seeds of Love" CD from Tears for Fears. To me it was the best album since the Beatles broke up. The variety and quality of the music on the album blew me away. Here is one of Tears for Fears biggest hits.

The last song in our set is from the correctly named "Godfather of Soul" Mr James Brown. You just can't listen to this and feel bad.

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