Superbowl Sunday is all about the food. Ok, maybe, it's all about football, but food comes in a close second.

When I get invited to a Superbowl party the first question I ask is "what should I bring?" One, because I legitimately want to know what I need to bring and two, because most likely they will tell me what they are making. I will turn down a Superbowl party if they spread is not to my liking. Rude? Maybe. But, if it wasn't for the food and the occasional awesome commercial, I probably wouldn't waste my time with the big game.

After countless parties and the usual pizza and wings Superbowl spread, people are getting restless with the traditional game day fare.  So, what better way to pump up the fans than by bringing delicious new snacks to this years party.

I know you've all seen those "Tasty" videos on Facebook, they are everywhere! Usually, I am super annoyed with those little videos, because they make me so hungry, but now that game day is drawing close it seems like the perfect opportunity to test out some of these tasty recipes. From cheese stuffed, pizza pretzels to jalapeno popper dip, these Superbowl snacks are sure to score with the game day crowd.

[via, Tasty]

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