How to Make Butter in a Jar
You've got your toast all toasty and ready for breakfast but AAKKKK!! No Butter!!  No worries, the Russian Hacker shows us how to make butter in just a few minutes in a mason jar.
How to Make Cotton Candy at Home
I love love love cotton candy and insist on buying some at every fair, festival, market and street vendor that I can find.  Here's a fairly simple recipe for making it at home (without a machine).  If you ask me, though, the clean-up's not worth the trouble and I'd rather fi…
Can You Waffle It?
Thanks to Pinterest, there are all kinds of crazy recipes floating out there in cyber-space.  I love the ones who make unorthodox uses of kitchen appliances.  Check out these crazy waffle maker ideas!
Don Rivers Navy Bean Soup Recipe
When it gets this cold we Cajuns make a gumbo. That was fine for the first cold day; but what about the next cold day. I decided to go for Navy Bean soup. It came out so well I thought I would share my recipe.
Heather’s Website of the Day – Serious Eats
Get the latest food news, a range of recipes and advice on where to eat out.  These extensive forums are a great place to discover cooking tips and tricks, and converse with other food enthusiasts about nearly anything culinary.
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