This is such a great story, I just had to pass it along. It involves two autistic teens who are best friends and always have lunch together at school in Staten Island.

The two teens involved are, 13 year-old Brandon Williams and his best friend, Jessica Pellegrini. According to their parents, both kids are autistic and really bonded from the moment they met.

One day last week, as usual, they were having lunch together at school when Jessica began to choke on an apple she was having for lunch. The choking got worse and her quick thinking friend, Brandon, went into action and performed the Heimlich maneuver on Jessica. Jessica coughed up the piece of apple and was okay after that.

When TV news people got wind of the incident they sent out a camera crew and interviewed the two teens. When asked where he learned about the Heimlich maneuver, Brandon replied, "Sponge Bob."

Parents of the two teens say that the pair has become inseparable since the incident. Let's hear it for Brandon and, of course, Sponge Bob!


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