stupid criminals

When Good Samaritans Go Bad
So, this guy collapses in a bar. A Good Samaritan steps forward to help, but ends up helping himself to the guys wallet. The story doesn't end there because the Good Samaritan then spent the money he just stole.
15 Stupidest Criminals of 2013
2013 was chock-full of criminal masterminds (read morons). That's right, last year we were graciously introduced to a mom who let her toddler hit the bong, the poopy-pants shop lifter, a cold-hearted nun-robbing thief and so much more. And thanks to our good friend the Internet, no dumb deed go…
Man Wins Bet, Tases Wife and Goes to Jail
A couple from Illinois bet on "Monday Night Football" the other night, and the 42-year-old husband won, when the Bears beat the Packers.  The bet?  He got to use a taser on his wife for three seconds. What could possibly go wrong with a plan like that? I mean, of course, …
Stupid Criminals — Idiot Thief Takes Out His Own Accomplice
Yeah, here's a pair of rocket scientist who are willing to go to jail for a few gallons of gas. The problem is that they both lack the intelligence to even pull a drive off.
Now that I think about it, how do you do that anyway? Are there still places where you just drive up and start pumping without …

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