These guys no doubt think they're a couple of real tough hombres. Being the master criminals they are, they must have thought, "Now, where can we get a whole lot of money and move in to Easy Street." Well, naturally they decided they were going to rob a Burger King.

And that my friends was decidedly NOT a good decision thanks to a fast thinking Burger King worker.

Okay, the brain surgeons in the picture are: 23-year-old Jeremy Lovitt and 19-year-old Gabriel Gonzales. They went in to rob their friendly Stockton, California Burger King because they obviously lost their jobs as rocket scientist.

So, our two "suspects" walked in and demanded all the cash. Well, unbeknownst to them, not all the employees were timidly filling bushel baskets with money. No siree, one quick thinking guy in the back stole their getaway car. I know you think I'm embellishing the story, but that's just what he did. Took their getaway car and called the cops while he was doing it.

Jeremy and Gabriel are no doubt sitting in a cell right now still trying to figure out what went wrong with their plan. If you look at the picture, it looks like Jeremy is using all his brain cells trying to get a handle on what went wrong. Hey, let's give them plenty of time to think about it!

And on a school nite!

My grade on their crime?

If they were trying to get a lot of cash fast and disappear like a vapor in the night   F

If they wanted 3 hots and a cot  A+




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