Dad wasn't invited to the picnic. He wanted to let them know he wasn't pleased about not being invited. So he burned down the you do.

Czeslaw Kaminski, 69, blew up his home because his wife and kids went to a picnic without him. That's right -- instead of realizing he was being given the elusive gift of peace and quiet, Czeslaw sent his home up in flames because he was left behind like a little brother not allowed to tag along with the big kids.

Apparently, Czeslaw woke up and found a note from his better half letting him know she was taking the kids to the picnic for the day. Either he really loves eating ant-covered sandwiches on blankets more than most men or he’s just mildly unstable because he set a fire in the basement and tossed some gas on it.

Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t escape the house in time and found himself in the rubble when the house was destroyed.

Czeslaw is currently in a coma in intensive care.

His wife, with whom he’s reportedly had a very heated relationship, said, “He called me on the mobile phone and demanded that I go home, but when I refused he said he was going to get revenge. I did not take him seriously and then I returned home to find this."

Of course, they say revenge is a dish best served cold, so why would he set fire to the house? Maybe he shoulda thought about that before taking match to matchbook.

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