A couple from Illinois bet on "Monday Night Football" the other night, and the 42-year-old husband won, when the Bears beat the Packers.  The bet?  He got to use a taser on his wife for three seconds. What could possibly go wrong with a plan like that? I mean, of course, other than everything.

When Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers got hurt on the first drive of "Monday Night Football", it pretty much sunk the Packers' chances of beating the Chicago Bears.

It also caused one married couple to have the worst night of their lives.

42-year-old John Grant of Tinley Park, Illinois is a big Bears fan.  And his wife Nicole is a big Packers fan.  So they made a bet on the game . . . the winner got to use a stun gun on the loser for three seconds.

They watched at a bar in Mayville, Wisconsin, and both John and Nicole were very drunk.  After the Bears won, Nicole agreed to her tasing.  A cell phone video apparently showed her laughing as she stood there with her arms up.

Then John tazed his wife on her rear end.  It was over her clothes, but still left a burn  on her butt cheek.  At that point, she ceased being cool with the bet . . . and called the cops.

John was arrested for felony possession of an electric weapon, which carries a max sentence of 6 years in prison.

Sorry, but in my book, 'self inflicted stupidity' gets no understanding on my part.


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