It's a brilliant idea. Advertisers just live for ways to get you to watch their commercials and the Super Bowl really fills the bill on that one. I don't actually remember when the Super Bowl ad first came along, but the popularity is such that, people who don't even like football tune in to see the year's best commercials.

We've managed to get our grubby little hands on a few of this year's best ads. Here to start things off, we have an iconic figure who has now been brought up to date. Please welcome a hunkier Mr. Clean


Next up, we have a spot for Mercedes that features a rather iconic figure in the form of Peter Fonda. This one will remind you a bit of "Wild Hogs."

There you have it. Just a couple of samples of some of the ads you'll see on the Super Bowl this year. Good luck to your team. I don't have a choice in this year's game so I'll just be watching for ads. Well, that and it's a great excuse for chips and dip all day.  I plan to put away a ton of that Rotel and Velveeta dip. Love that stuff!

Have a great weekend!

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