I've always wondered what people do with all those Mardi Gras beads once Mardi Gras is over, so I put up a poll about it.

Now I know where all those beads go and here are the answers:

43% - Give them to the kids

14% - Toss 'em in the trash

14% - Sell them on the black market

29% - Other

Under 'Other', some of the answers were:

'Give them to my friends in Arizona''

'Decorate the Christmas tree with them'

And one person said "Donate Them.'

Want to know how to donate your beads?

Before putting away those Mardi Gras beads, Southwest Louisiana residents may want to consider donating them to the autism society.

Residents can drop beads off at the following locations through March 7.

Walgreens, 1021 Beglis Pkwy, Sulphur.

Walgreens, 2755 Country Club Road, Lake Charles.

Direct Care, 3006 Common St., Lake Charles.

All Fred's Pharmacy locations in Lake Charles.

All Don's Wholesale locations in Lake Charles.