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Poll Results -- Should Sulphur Have a Smoking Ban
All one has to do is mention the word "ban" and right away you'll always get a reaction. We knew that when we put up this poll that no one would enter "no opinion.'
Let's be clear about this part: No one has even presented the city council with such a proposition, but it is being talke…
Results From our 'Chick Flick' Poll
A few days ago, Heather and I had an 'Impossibly Hard' trivia question that went something along the lines of, ' Married men say they do this about 5 times a year, but only because they have to.'
The answers ranged from 'get a haircut' to 'see a doctor', but th…
'Common Core' Poll Results
On Friday, we put up a poll relating to the very controversial 'Common Core.'
The question was quite simple: 'Is it time to dump common core.'
Thanks for your responses. The results of the poll leave little doubt as to how folks in the Lake Area view common core.