Looks like I kicked over a hornets nest with this question. I wasn't looking to stir things up, I just wanted to know about you felt about this controversy. Well, you certainly responded in a big way,

I thought it would be an interesting question in light of several things that are currently going on. People who were once "heroes" are now being stripped of all their respect because, many of them, were quite politically incorrect in their lives.

The question was: Is the word "Contraband" offensive?

Here's how the voting broke down on the issue of the word, "Contraband".



As you can plainly see,a whopping 73% of people do not feel that the word is offensive in the least. Some of the comments included:

"Never have been offended. Just a bunch of people who are looking for reasons to hate and I will say again they need to find a damn hobby. Stupidity seems to rule these days."
"I know that the contraband Lafitte carried was slaves so honoring it is wrong."
"some people are looking for anything to raise hell about , this nation wide ,not just here !!!!"
"the issue is not the word, it is the history. Contraband bayou was a slave depot"

Those are just a few of the comments we received both pro and con on the subject of the word "Contraband."

I was always told about the legend of John Lafitte and not once in all those years did I ever hear about slaves. The big legend I've heard is that he buried treasure somewhere in the area. It's a big trend now to go back and look at heroes and legends and judge them by today's standards and mores.

It also seems that if said heroes were not up to standards on political correctness, they are being stripped of their legends. I saw a similar thing happen with my old Junior High School. The school I attended was named for the Alamo hero James Bowie. Bowie died fighting for Texas independence, but it turns out that, at one time, prior to 1836, Bowie had slaves. Nothing else he did in life matters to a small group of people who want judge the past by today's standards.

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