In the pre-dawn hours on Monday, 3 armed males entered the residence of Gary Obrien and, after a brief confrontation shot and killed Obrien. Police were called to the scene just after 3:30 a.m. and found that Obrien was dead and that another visitor to the residence was also slightly injured.

Two other witnesses to the crime told Lt. Kevin Kirkum, LCPD spokesman that three armed males had entered the house at the rear of the residence. The two witnesses also told police that the three made a demand for money and when the demand was not met, one of the three shot and killed Obrien.

Around 7 p.m. Monday evening, authorities caught up with Justin Landry, 21 and Jermyre Bowers 18, both of Lake Charles were arrested. Landry was  charged with first-degree-murder and Bowers is facing a charge of obstruction of justice. Police are still searching for a third suspect in the case.

Kirkum asked anyone with information to contact Sgt. Colby Thompson or Sgt. Frank Fondel with the Lake Charles Police Department at 491-1311.


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