It's certainly not time to panic, but as we get closer to the end of summer, we'll probably see more activity in the tropics. Right now, there are two storm systems developing out in the Atlantic. As it stands right now, both are just tropical waves, but they both have to potential to grow.

The closest of the two systems is roughly 800 miles east of the Windward Islands the other is actually closer to the African coast. Neither is currently a threat to any land mass. The Hurricane Center will be sending out an Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter flight into the first system later today. That first system is the one with the greatest potential for growth and it is headed in a westerly direction which could steer it into the Gulf of Mexico.

That system is expected to continue that westward movement for at least the next 5 days.The other system, the one nearest Africa, is expected to take a turn to the northwest over the next five days or so.


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