Donating blood is a fast, easy process, but that short time you spend donating can save a life. Lifeshare is always in need of people to donate blood, but right now they are experiencing a real shortage in a fairly rare blood type.

Right now, Lifeshare Blood Center is reaching out to the community in search of people with the rare O negative blood type. It's a rare type and your donation is very important. Here's some more information about Lifeshare Blood Center and donating blood.

According to Lifeshare spokeswoman, Tina Hooper, O negative is a pretty rare blood type and less than 7% of the population has type O negative. That means that even in good times the available supply of O negative is going to be in short supply. All the more reason to donate now if you have that blood type.

Of course, Lifeshare Blood Center wants donations of all types of blood. Countless lives are saved each year thanks to your donations and it's such a simple, quick process. By the way, listen to the voice of experience and eat a meal before you go donate blood. if you don't, you may find yourself just a tad dizzy after making a donation.

To donate or for other information, call Lifeshare in Lake Charles at 436-4932 or visit for hours and blood drive locations.

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