Every year, during the holidays, the need for blood donations skyrockets. It only takes a few minutes to donate blood and those few minutes you spend donating could actually save a very real life. With that in mind, Lake Charles Mayor Nic Hunter has teamed up with the City of Lake Charles and Lifeshare Blood Center for the Christmas Community Blood Drive.

While the need for blood donations increases during the holidays, the amount of people making such donations actually decreases and that is a very dangerous situation indeed. We tend to think that only people who have been injured as needing blood donations, but there are also people fighting cancer and people facing surgery who need those donations. There are several other ways those donations are needed as well.

Mayor Hunter is asking us to roll up our sleeves and donate blood this Wednesday from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. To make donating even easier, the Lifeshare Blood donation vehicle will be located on the south side of the civic center.

While you are making your rounds this Wednesday, take a few minutes and give a gift that will benefit the whole community.

All types of blood are going to be needed, but if you have any questions about donating the folks at LifeShare Blood Center will be happy to answer them. Just go to lifeshare.org.

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