Do you think I picked a touchy enough subject? Boy, there are very few people who are neutral on the subject of NFL kneeling. We had quite a response to our poll and, as you will see, the results are soundly on the side of those people who think the protests are inappropriate.

As we do on most of our polls, we provided a space for your opinion as well, and a few people took the time to tell us how they felt about the subject. One respondent commented, "Ignore them long enough and hopefully they will just go away." Still another person pointed out what many people are saying about the protests, that "it's disrespect to our flag, country and to the men and women who give their lives."

Not all the people who stated their opinion in the poll were completely against the protest. One person commented, "I support them in the NFL, but not on US National teams."

Here are the results of our poll. Now, we don't even pretend that this is some kind of scientific piece of work, but here is how people in the Lake Area feel about the NFL protests:


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