I guess just about everyone has a favorite comfort food. It can make a bad day better and can even enhance a good day.

Now, I'm a pasta guy. My favorite comfort food of all time is Capellini Pomodoro.  Don't let the fancy name fool you, it's just another way of saying pasta and tomatoes. It's extremely easy to make and I make it a lot. According to a new Harris Poll, my favorite comfort food didn't make the list.

Check out these results and see if your favorite food made the list.


1.  Pizza - Far and away the most popular comfort food. Pizza got twice as many votes as the other foods on the list.

2.  Chocolate - What can I say? I'm eating Hershey's kisses as I write this

3.  Ice cream - Nothing like a good movie and a pint of Blue Bell

4.  Macaroni and cheese - Are there any kids out there who don't like Mac & Cheese?

5.  Chips.  The rest of the top 10 are burgers, steak, popcorn, pasta, and Mexican food.


The Harris Poll also points out that men and women like comfort foods for different reasons. Women are most likely to indulge in their favorite comfort food when they are stressed while men are more likely to turn to comfort foods after they've had a good day. Interesting.

Was your favorite comfort food on the list? I'm kind of surprised that french fries didn't make the cut.

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