I guess comfort food is one of those universal things, but the answers to our poll were 100% American. Now, what qualifies as comfort food is strictly in the eye, or more to the point, the taste buds of the snacker. I'm sure that comfort foods vary from region to region all over the world.

I was actually a bit surprised by some of the results from this poll. I truly thought that the foods would be along the lines of '"Mac and Cheese" and things like that, so imagine how surprised I was to find that the number one comfort food in the Lake area, is ice cream! Believe it or not, a whopping 40% of people chose ice cream as their favorite comfort food.  That makes me rethink my idea of comfort food because I think of comfort food as hot food.

Also showing up pretty strong was chicken fried steak and, of course, chocolate. Another big surprise is that there was no Cajun food on the list. I just knew that someone would name gumbo or something like that, but we didn't a single vote for gumbo.

I must confess that, as I read over the results of this poll, I'm wanting my favorite comfort food right now. My favorite dish goes back to something my mom made quite frequently;Cappelli Pomodoro. I've loved that dish since childhood and I still crave some from time to time. I know how to cook it, but I never can seem to match my mom's version of the dish.

The recipe is one of the easiest things to make and there are only a few ingredients.

1. Open a can of stewed tomatoes and pour into a bowl.

2. Chop the tomatoes. make sure they're still pretty chunky.

3. Stir fry some onions and garlic (to taste)

4. Add the tomatoes to skillet with the onions and garlic

5. Add just a bit of sugar to sweeten up the tomatoes just a bit

6. Allow the mixture to cook down just a bit, and serve it over cappellini or angel hair pasta,

7. Eat until you're ready to pop.



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