If you're fortunate then today you just might receive a big heart-shaped box of chocolates for Valentine's Day. If you do, chances are you will open the lid and hope to select a piece of chocolate that is filled with something you like. If only there was a way to see through the chocolate and into the filling. Well, there is.

No, it's not literal x-ray vision. It's called the Universal Candy Code. It was once the standard for all candies but now with so many bulk manufacturers, the fine art of coding the candy is usually reserved for high-end chocolates or candies that are made by hand.

Monique Carrati via Unsplash.com
Monique Carrati via Unsplash.com

Here's how you can break the code and never get stuck with coconut unless you like coconut. Remember the codes are very subtle and to the untrained eye will appear as a simple swoosh of chocolate or topping.

Ekaterina Minaeva/ThinkStock
Ekaterina Minaeva/ThinkStock

Vanilla Creme Filled - This is usually a round piece of candy with a "V" on top.

Coconut Filled- This is usually a round piece of candy with no marking on the top

Chocolate Creme Filled - This is a round piece of candy with a subtle "C" across the top.

Cherry Cordial- It looks very similar to the chocolate creme so be careful, the "C" is usually closed on the top of the cordial though.

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Peppermint - This is a round but flat piece of chocolate, there is no external marking.

Orange Creme - This is round chocolate with a distinct "O" on top.

Nougat - Besides being fun to say, nougats are usually rectangular and have a simple straight line marking.

Toffee Crunch - This is usually a flat rectangular shaped chocolate that has a wavy marking across the top.

To make it easier to identify many bulk manufacturers actually include a key to the chocolates on the inside lid of the box. This should help you read those subtle chocolate signs and make sure your sweet tooth isn't fouled by some distasteful confection that only people who pineapple on pizza would enjoy.

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