I am writing this today to the women who visit our site. You can do anything you want to do. Do not doubt yourself. Don't ever worry about what you can't do because you can do anything you set your mind to do. My wife did something this weekend that she would have never thought she could do and I am so proud of her..

Last Christmas I read about a woman who wag mugged at the mall while doing her Christmas shopping. The woman was about the same age as my wife. She was probably a kind soul like my wife. There is a certain element that prays on women of this age and I decided that my wife would not be a victim. We talked it over and decided to purchase some protection.

She tried out many pistols before choosing the one that she could handle the best. This was great to protect her when she was at our home; but without a concealed weapons permit she was limited on where she could take her new gun. I signed her up for the class she would need to certify her so she could get her license.

She was very nervous about being good enough with her gun to pass the class. I know nothing about guns but went with her to the range to shoot. Then we enlisted the help of her brother-in-law who owns several guns. We went to his farm where she shot her gun (with his guidance} and he showed me how to clean it. We went back to the range and she did better; but I could tell she still was not as confident as she needed to be. That is when I ask a SWAT member friend of mine to give her some pointers. She again went and shot using his tips this time and was getting better. Then it was time to test.

She was very nervous when she left the house Saturday morning to take her test. I went to do our usual weekly grocery shopping while she shot. She texted me that she had passed. She needed to score 175 to pass and she shot a 219! I am so proud of her for going into something that she was completely uncomfortable with and mastering it. It gave her a sense of inner strength and reminded her that she can do anything. She stepped out of her comfort zone, conquered her fears and proved to herself that she has no limitations.  She is also now a person that you might not want to mug.