According to the 2nd Amendment, all Americans have the right to own a gun. Just how you can carry said weapon is where the technicalities come in to play.

Here we are in an election year and, among the many topics of discussion is our 2nd amendment rights. One major point being discussed concerns the right to carry that firearm concealed. Well, legislator Barry Ivey has a proposition out there that would permit you to carry a concealed without said permit.

According to Ivey"

It eliminates the crime of illegal concealed carry without a permit, but only for people who are law-abiding citizens, number one. Number two, are not otherwise prohibited from of a firearm.

Right now the law states that, if you are at least 21 you can carry a gun in the open without a permit and the only way to legally carry a concealed weapon is to pass a gun safety class and shell out $125 for a permit that is good for 5 years.

Ivey tried to pass a similar proposition a few years back, but to no avail. Before you rush out and buy a shoulder holster, keep in mind that the proposition has to pass by a two-thirds majority in both the House and Senate. Ivey is currently circulating a petition seeking support for his proposal.

We'll keep you posted on the proposal's progress.