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San Antonio TSA officials must have been surprised when they found a piece of luggage that was unlike any other on Monday. And inside? Just a high powered, 84-mm caliber weapon that is designed to take out tanks.

My first thought? "Cool", but I assume that wasn't the first thoughts of those TSA agents or the staff.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the "bust" was more of a miscommunication, because apparently you can take an antitank gun, checked of course, but everyone from the airline to TSA need to be on the same page.

According to a tweet from the Transportation Security Administration's Southwest Division, officers at the San Antonio International Airport discovered the weapon stowed in an outbound passenger's checked luggage. The division initially stated the item was not declared by the passenger, though a further update clarified that the firearm was declared but its presence was not made known to TSA agents after its declaration.

According to the report the traveler was heading to a Las Vegas gun show and the weapon could not be fired and had been "demilitarized". Still, TSA decided not to allow the M4 to travel. A family member of the passenger had to pick up the M4 and take it home.

And that's the part that makes no sense. If it can't fire, has been declared, and has been demilitarized, why not let it fly with the passenger? Sounds like power-hungry TSA to me.

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