One rule at our house is it's only worth paying for something if I can't do it myself.  Again, I am here to save you money... with something that I know, first hand, actually works. You see, I hate going to the grocery store.. period.  I also really hate paying for things that I know I can make at a mere fraction of the cost.  So here's a great recipe for making your own fabric softener (and it's inexpensive...just down right, cheap).

6 Cups hot, not boiling, water

3 cups white vinegar (the apple cider vinegar would stain your clothes)

2 cups hair conditioner you like (i use Suave Waterfall or green apple)

You may want to add a few drops of your favorite essential oil - but it's not necessary.

Whisk the hot water and conditioner together until the conditioner has dissolved  Stir in white vinegar.  Store in large container or empty spray bottle.

You will find that your clothes are nice and soft and they will smell wonderful too. But mostly, you will be excited about the bucks you saved in the process.



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