Raining again, I see. We drove through curb deep water on Saturday, only to discover we’d only gotten 17 hundredths of an inch of rain. Talk about a drainage problem! I did see a guy walking along Lake Street in the rain, carrying an umbrella. Wasn’t using it, just carrying it.

The staycation was great, thank you. Got so much done around the house that the weekend was quite relaxing. Couldn’t mow, though because of that 17 hundredths of an inch rain.

Got to see the Astros on TV yesterday. Too bad they lost, but it was a good game. So, I wonder why, with all the technology that’s used on those broadcasts, I always see stats for pitchers for say, 5.1 innings pitched (which would indicate 5 and a tenth inning, right math scholars?) when everyone knows that they pitch thirds of an inning as in 5 and 1/3 innings. I heard a stat the other day that someone hit his 4th career home run with a 3-0 count. Huh?

On the new brace from the VA front, I saw my new doctor on the 15th of June and waited for the letter telling me when my appointment in Lafayette would be. Having not heard anything for three weeks I was able to contact the VA and discover that my appointment was set for June 16th. So, how do they send a letter on the 15th for me to get on the 15th telling me my appointment was the 16th? That was straightened out and the ball got rolling last week. Now we just wait for the approval.

LPB is looking for stories from those who served in Vietnam, in support of the Ken Burns documentary coming up in September, so I did a video. Don’t know when those will be posted on LPB’s website, but if you served there you might consider doing one. All the info is at lpb.org.

I see the rain chances drop to 20% for most of the week. Enjoy!

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