Well, it may have not smelled particularly nice, but it's good to know that there was no impact to the environment from a chemical release at the CTIGO refinery. The stench was caused by a release from a site just off Highway 108 on Sunday afternoon

According to Dick Gremillion, director of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, says the he received word that sulfur dioxide and Hydrogen sulfide were released into the air on Sunday afternoon. While the entire event may have not smelled very good, Gremillion ads that there were no evacuations, no injuries and no off-site impact from the release.

Many Sulphur residents were reporting a stench in the air Sunday afternoon. They were smelling gas released from the CITGO refinery.


CITGO spokesperson, Dana Keel released the following statement regarding the incident:

A unit upset took place at approximately 11: 00 a.m. on Jul 23, 2017 causing elevated emissions levels.  All appropriate regulatory agencies have been notified. All personnel have been accounted for and no injuries have been reported. There is no action required by the surrounding community at the present time. Perimeter and on-site air monitoring are on-going and operations are returning to normal.  The cause of the incident is under investigation. As always, the safety of our employees and the surrounding community remains our first priority.

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