It now looks like O.J. Simpson will be set free this coming October. Ever since the parole hearings have started, the media has inundated us with pictures and video images of the trial and, of course, the famous "slow spped chase" in the now famous white Bronco. If you're really into the whole O.J. Simpson drama and you have quite a bit of money to invest in such things, you could be the proud owner of Simpson's white Bronco.

According toTMZ, Simpson's former sports agent, Mike Gilbert, is the owner of that vehicle, but he just might be willing to part with it, if the price is right. Gilbert is expecting the car to bring in between $750k - $I Million. In the past, Gilbert was offered $250,000 for the vehicle, but he turned down the offer. Now that O.J. is in the news, Gilbert is pretty sure the vehicle will go fast.

Despite losing all his endorsements and being behind bars for over 8 years, it's estimated that Simpson's net worth is around $3 million.



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