Did you know that American paper money used to be 50% larger than it is now? They called those notes, "Horse Blankets." How about this one; the same company has supplied the paper for our money since the days of Paul Revere.

I can't honestly say I've ever known any money trivia, but once you start hearing about it, it's a pretty interesting subject. Well, that's what they do at Mental Floss, isn't it?

You've probably heard that you can take half of a torn bill to a bank and get a whole one. that sounds like some rumor that kids would share on a school playground, but it's absolutely true. As long as you have 51% of a torn bill, you can cash it it. That keep people from tearing their money in half and doubling their cash on hand.

Do you know who was almost on our one dollar bill or what they do with old, worn out money? Well, you will after you watch this video.

As always, Mental Floss makes it interesting.

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