One thing about Beatles' trivia; we can never run out. It seems that, even today, people are still interested in the Beatles and want to know everything possible about them. If you're such a Bealtes fan, I found a great video just filled with great Beatles' trivia.

Do you know which Beatles came up with the name of the group, For decades, people have thought that John Lennon came up with the name, but that's just not the truth.Lennon told many (and varying) stories about how the name came about, but he always told it in such a way as to make people think he came up with the group's name.

The Beatles first appearance on American TV was not on the Ed Sullivan show. I thought it was, too, but it turns out that they were kind of featured on a very popular news program of the day called, The Huntley-Brinkley Report.

The Beatles led to so much fame, they considered buying a Greek island and moving there with all their friends. Needless to say that this didn't happen, but it's just one of many fun facts you'll learn about The Beatles when you watch the video.

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