Did you know that, if you freeze onions before you peel them, you won't tear up? Did you know that if you coat your knife blade in olive oil you won't cry when you peel the onions?

Well, the two sentences there have something in common. They are both so-called "Life Hacks" and a great many of them are on the internet. the thing is, some are true and some aren't. In fact, only one of the life hacks that I mentioned earlier turns out to be true.

This is another great video from one of my favorite Youtube channels and that, of course, is Mental Floss. If you never checked out any Mental Floss videos, you owe it to yourself to check them out. Almost always funny, but always fun.

Did you know that a bundt pan is great for shaving corn on the cob? Well, it may or may not be true. Just watch the video to find out.

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