According to the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's press release Lacey C. Dronet held a 14 year old girl against her will between July 12th and 18th. The victim did ask to go home and even tried to escape during that time.

The victim allegedly was denied use of a phone and when she attempted to leave she was thrown to the ground by her hair. She also was punched in the face, choked, slapped, bit and had a knife held to her throat.

According to the CPSO the investigation also revealed Dronet had inappropriate sexual contact with the victim and also provided and encouraged her to use cocaine and methamphetamine.
On August 2 Dronet was booked into the Calcasieu Correction Center and charged with 2nd degree kidnapping; molestation of a juvenile; 4 counts of cruelty to a juvenile; and distribution of drugs to persons under age 18.