Some important information for parents.

A mother in Kinder, La. is warning others of a scam that she feels targeted her while using her child who was not with her at the time.

Samantha Meche went to Facebook to warn parents about a phone call she received while her child was away from her that made her think her child may have been in danger.

The mother says that someone called her phone from a local number and when she answered a female on the other line was heard saying, "Moma."

Immediately she thought that something may have been wrong with her child, and then a man in what Meche describes in a foreign accent asked for her child's full name.


The man, knowing Meche's daughter's first name because she said it at the beginning of the conversation, asked for the daughter's full name and age.

Samantha Meche says that she could hear several other voices in the background, and that is when she hung up and called the school where her daughter attends.

Luckily the school did confirm that Meche's daughter was in attendance and safe.

Still, she wants other parents to know of this potential scam and reminds everyone to NEVER give out important information about themselves or their kids to someone on the phone.

Here's her original post on social media that has since gone viral across much of south Louisiana.


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