Gallup just released a poll showing the happiest state was North Dakota. How can that be? They are trapped inside most of the year. Then the poll showed Louisiana in the bottom 10 (or in the 10 most unhappy states.) How can that be. I have theories.

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Chris Graythen
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First let's talk about North Dakota. It is very cold there in the winter and the winter is very long. I wonder what they do when trapped inside like that? You can only watch so much TV and surf the web so much. I bet they do a lot of romancing and sleeping. Both of those things tend to make you happy. Maybe that's why South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Montana, Vermont and Colorado were all listed as very happy states.

Now let's talk about Louisiana. Our great weather means we can spend a lot of time outdoors. That time could be spent doing a lot of fun stuff or WORKING(which does make some rather unhappy!) All of those things take us away from romance (except for the brave few) and sleeping. We also tend to spend more time partying. My guess would be that this poll was taken on a Monday when a lot of us had spent the entire weekend outside having fun and were a little grumpy about having to go back to work. I just can't believe that we are one of the ten most unhappy states.

According to the poll the ten least happy states are:  West Virginia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Alabama, Ohio, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

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