My vacation means bringing Louisiana food to Georgia and Georgia food to Louisiana. Then I end up cooking in both places. This is going to make you hungry. Yes I eat good (maybe too good!)

I went to Georgia at the end of June. My dad wanted me to bring him some crawfish. He is a transplanted cajun. He grew up in Franklin, Louisiana. He was in luck. Thanks to a late season... crawfish were still available. I stopped on the way and picked up 50 pounds of boiled crawfish and took them to Georgia. It turns out this was way too much and that lead to some delicious dishes made with left over crawfish. We put some in his freezer for a future crawfish stew. With the rest I made a crawfish queso dip one afternoon and crawfish omelettes one morning. Both were delicious if you ask me.

Now comes the food I brought back from Georgia. South Georgia is a huge farming area. This time of year they are harvesting watermelons, cantaloupe, tomatoes and peaches. I brought back two watermelons, four cantaloupes, two boxes of peaches and a box of tomatoes. I gave a lot of it away but still had a lot left.For lunch yesterday I had tomatoe sandwiches and they were delicious!  Last night I made my first ever peach pie (pictured.) It is delicious! It does make a great Sunday morning breakfast.

peach pie
Don RIvers

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