Grills & Smokers You'll Love to Cook On
Fall is here and so is football season. That means it's time to cook up some brats and burgers and watch the big game. Here are some grills, smokers and fun accessories to help your home team get the ring for the best snack team.
How to Make LEGO Gummy Candy
Looking for something fun to make with the kids this weekend? We've all got a tub or basket or bowl or box of LEGOs hanging around the house.  So lets get started.
This simple recipe is great to do with the kids, and lets you pump out massive amounts of custom gummies, that are snack-able, …
Guy Actually Cooks Pizza in a Hot Car
Every year we hear tragic stories about children and pets dying after being left in a closed up car in the summer heat. It's really amazing at just how hot it can get in a car that is parked in the sun especially with our hot summers here in Southwest Louisiana...

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