Now, we all know that over the past few years, Contraband Days has faced a lot of criticism and attendance has been dwindling, but this year, there seems to be a new life to Contraband Days. I saw it first hand Friday night.

I was just goofing off Friday and decided to go see my friends Annette and Susan at Contraband Days. I always get a free tour of the event and they are nice enough to chauffeur me around on a golf cart. This year I noticed something really great about the festival and that is that there were a lot of families there.

Over the past few years, because of the cost of getting into Contraband Days, folks with lots of kids just couldn't swing taking everyone to the festival. this year, those families, the core of what the festival should be about, have returned.

I went to see the artist Cupid (Cupid Shuffle) and the crowd was very cool. Cupid put on a great show and the mostly family audience really loved it. So far, there has been no trouble reported and the crowd was a really good cross section of Lake Charles.

Could this spell a new future for the beleaguered festival? I think it might. I'm just saying that, we should all give this festival another chance. They're working to earn it.

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