One of the original ingredients was cocaine which is true, what's harder to confirm is whether the name of the product sprung from the coca plant as well. But as Coke historians know, cocaine was removed in favor of caffeine prior to 1901.

But now Coca-Cola is adding an ingredient for the first time in 130 years, that many people have been adding on their own for at least that long in the aftermarket. Coke is adding alcohol into its formula for a limited test run in Japan.

Coca-Cola Post Strong Earnings
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I suppose after a century of making our own rum and coke and bourbon and coke, the company decided it's time to try adding alcohol on its own, saving us the trouble.

But don't start dreaming of replacing cases of your favorite whiskey with simple coke too soon. As we said this is in Japan only for now, and besides the alcohol, the company will add will be a very small amount of something called 'shochu', which is traditionally used in Japan with water.

Officials with Coca-Cola have already said that the alcoholic coke was not likely to spread to the rest of the world, and will most likely always only be a Japanese product.

According to Coke's Japanese president Jorge' Garduno, the concept of alcohol in cokes will be limited to the island nation due to the "unique and special" qualities of the Japanese market.

Now, what is that supposed to mean?

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