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Come Join Us for the Great Coke Float [VIDEO]
The Great Coke Float is happening tomorrow! We're going to build a float out of 30 2-liter Coke bottles, a little rope, some duct tape, and a whole lot of ambition.
Join us Saturday morning at Sam Houston State Park at 7:30 and cheer us on as we team with Gator 99...
Great Lake Charles Coke Float
You may have been at out our beach party at North Beach along I-10 recently, where we gave out a ton of Coca-Cola to everyone who was on the beach. But did you know there was a reason we were doing all that?
Man Finds Coke Recipe?
According to Georgia resident Cliff Kluge, he's found the top secret recipe for the world's most beloved beverage, Coca-Cola, and he's only asking $15 million for the aged piece of paper.

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