So, you're at a nice restaurant and there, on the table in front of you, sits the wine list. It's mocking you because that list knows you have no idea what most of the wines listed are all about and you sure don't know what they should cost!

Do you risk looking like a rookie?

Nope. You break out your mobile device and let it tell you what to do. Yes, there is an app for that

The app is called 'Wineglass' and, for an app, it's kind of expensive at roughly 5 bucks, but it's a cool app.

With Wineglass, you just take a shot of the wine list in question and Wineglass will tell you about how much it should cost, some information on the wine itself and what foods pair up best with the wine.

Wineglass even provides reviews on the wine as well.

$5 may seem like a lot in a world filled with free apps, but this app can make you look worldly and sophisticated. Well worth a $5 investment!

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