Verizon Offering Free Robocall Blocking
I recently switched to Verizon from another carrier. Within the first couple days, I received three calls with the caller ID reading "Potential Spam," and one that read "Robocall." Verizon is reportedly rolling out a free robocall blocking app in the next few days (end of March).…
10 Strangest Apps
Do you have enough apps on your phone?  Need some more?  No worries, check out these 10 strange apps you can get!
Is your cat bored? How about a game for them...because toy mice and strings are sooooo last century.  Your baby is crying, but what does she want...
30 Weird Apps
Got too much time on your hands?  Looking to waste a couple of hours at work?  Check out this video from Mental Floss highlighting 30 weird apps that'll help you get rid of some of that extra time.
Ever wonder what its like to be a cat...
News Crew Becomes News Story
This is not the first time that a news crew has inadvertently become a news story, but it is a tale filled with irony.
It seems the news crew was doing a story about a new app that will tell you which neighborhoods to avoid when they accidentally proved the app was right.
Become a Wine Expert for $5 -- There's an App for That
So, you're at a nice restaurant and there, on the table in front of you, sits the wine list. It's mocking you because that list knows you have no idea what most of the wines listed are all about and you sure don't know what they should cost!
Do you risk looking like a rookie?
Nope. You …

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