Wine Tastes Better if you Think it's Expensive
Have you ever been slightly stressed when taking part in a wine tasting? I mean, the pressure is on, right? Your taste is on the line right away. No doubt you're a bit nervous about making the wrong choice. What if you like the cheap wine better...
Become a Wine Expert for $5 -- There's an App for That
So, you're at a nice restaurant and there, on the table in front of you, sits the wine list. It's mocking you because that list knows you have no idea what most of the wines listed are all about and you sure don't know what they should cost!
Do you risk looking like a rookie?
Nope. You …
What drink Would You be? I am Fine Wine
I know you are going to claim BS but I was "a glass of fine wine." Here is another of those little polls that are so much more fun than working. I know you have lost sleep wondering if you were a drink ... what drink would you be.