It was about ten years ago. I was riding the Metro in Houston on my way to my daily radiation treatment at MD Anderson. I chose to take my treatments early in the morning so I would not have to dread them all day. I saw people hustling to work and though "I wish I was going to work today." I think about that when I get up and don't feel like going to work.

Don's Family
Don's family (L to R) Tiffany, Sandy, Chelsea, Dillon, Don

At that time I was working on a Top 40 radio station KQ-98. The studios were located on Ryan Street in Downtown Lake Charles. I was at MD Anderson for six weeks followed by two weeks of recovery before I had the strength to return to work. I returned with my voice barely able to get above the music, so weak I could barely walk for five minutes before resting and had to go in my office once an hour and feed myself a high nutrition formula through my feeding tube (because I could not swallow.) I'll never forget my first day back at work and the lesson God gave me that day. It has served me well and made my life so much better in so many ways.

I drove up to the studios and parked my truck on Ryan Street facing north at 4 a.m.. It was February and there was a strong and icy north wind blowing in my face as I exited my truck. It was extremely cold and seemed to cut right through my clothes. I stood there for a while and enjoyed it. the cold let me know that I was alive; and that is a great feeling. since then I have enjoyed every kind of weather that I have experienced. I just stop and think "it's great to be alive and experiencing this!"

So enjoy this rain and the cold breeze and be thankful. Have a great day ... everyday!


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