The Saints have done a wonderful job of chasing after they guys they think will make them a better football team this year.

One such player they courted was former teammate of Derek Carr, former Raiders tight end Foster Moreau.

Foster Moreau
Photo by Jeff Bottari/Getty Images

After visiting with the Saints last week, hometown Saints fans were excited about the prospect of the LSU alum returning the the boot.

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Unfortunately, Moreau now faces a much more important battle than any that could take place on the field.

Evidently, a routine physical as part of his visit to New Orleans' facility identified Hodgkin's Lymphoma in the tight end. Moreau is stepping away from football to fight his battle, but he seems to be keeping as good of an outlook as possible.

A number of fellow players, reporters, and fans showed their support for Moreau after this shocking news.

This also isn't the first time the Saints have made a player aware of severe illness when performing a physical.

One example is Jon Dorenbos, a long-snapper who, following a trade from the Eagles, learned of an aortic aneurysm during his routine physical, which forced him to pursue open-heart surgery and early retirement.

Nonetheless, the Saints medical team has done great work with this. We're sending prayers and support to Foster Moreau as he fights one of the toughest battles there is.

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