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Baking Soda Hacks
Unless you bake quite a bit, chances are you don't have baking soda around the house,but, as you will see, there are tons of uses for the lowly baking soda.
25 Life Hacks to Solve Annoying Everyday Problems [VIDEO]
Unless you're superhuman you probably have some annoying day to day problems like most of us. Unfortunately we can't solve all of them in a top 25 list but we'll do our best!
You may already know about this one, but old CD spindles make for pretty awesome sandwich holders...
10 Awesome Rubber Band Hacks [VIDEO]
If you're like me, there are probably more than a few rubber bands in the back of one of your desk drawers.  They just seem to get in the way every time you try to find something.  Should you just throw them away? NO!
There are some amazing uses for rubber bands...
Back to School Hacks
The Crazy Russian Hacker is back with 10 Back to School hacks.  Make your back to school a little easier with his tips and tricks.
He'll show you how to sharpen your pencils in record time with an electric drill.  Also, learn a really easy way to organize your backpack with just a coup…
5 Ways to Hide Things in Plain Sight [VIDEO]
We all have stuff that we need to keep hidden.  Extra cash, spare keys, small jewelry items, Star Wars figurines...well, you get the picture.
Rather than purchasing elaborate safes and hide-a-key contraptions, try these 5 simple and easy ways to hide your treasures...
20 Inventions We Shouldn’t Live Without [VIDEO]
There are lots of inventions out there, but how do you know which ones you really need?  Here are 20 inventions that can seriously make your life easier.
Running out of hands on the way to work in the rain?  Try this new umbrella with a coffee cup holder in the handle...

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