Not being an insider on this story, I hate to take sides, but it looks like Casey's wife, Jean, is a total mental case.

Everyone knows that Casey passed away back on June 15th, but did you know that, not only has he not been given a funeral, but the body is 'missing.'

Here's more on that on-going saga

According to The Associated Press, Casey Kasem's body has been reported 'missing.' Just another unreal developement in a story that has been pretty drama filled all along.

One of Casey's kids had tried to deliver a temporary restraining order to a funeral home in Washington when he was told that the body had been removed.

It seems that in Washington state, a surviving spouse has more say than surviving children when it comes to funeral arrangements. Kasem's kids held a memorial service but conceded authority to Jean for burial. It's just that said burial hasn't taken place and now the body is 'missing', or more accurately, the kids don't know what happened to it.

The kids are not contesting Jean's right to burial decisions, but they would like to know if and where Casey is buried. It turns out that, despite the cause of Casey's death being known, that Jean wanted an autopsy.

Let's add an extra dose of weirdness to the mix. It has been reported that jean sent the body to Canada and, according to Kasem's daughter, Kerri, "My dad has nothing to do with Canada. He lived in Los Angeles for 45 years.'

The whole story makes Jean Kasem look like a crazy, mean bitch. Not that I'm going to take sides in this issue,but don't you see it that way, too?