As you know, each Saturday and Sunday, we rebroadcast those classic, original Casey Kasem Top 40 Countdowns from the 70's and this weekend's show from August 12, 1972,  is loaded with songs that went on to become classics.

For example, songs that were brand new include: Saturday in the Park from Chicago and Rocket Man by Elton John. Derek and the Dominoes had out the original version of 'Layla" and Bill Wither's 'Lean on Me' was at #15.

There were also songs that, while they didn't become classic hits, were pretty darn popular at the time like the silly, but fun 'Coconut' by Nilsson and 'Goodbye to Love' by the Carpenters.

Be sure to join us this Saturday and Sunday morning at 9 to hear these great songs and to find out what songss made up the Top 10 with Casey's Kasem's American Top 40 the 70's