This story gets more confusing every minute.

It's been reported that Casey Kasem was seen, but they don't know exactly where.

How can that be?

Here's what is known:

Casey was seen by sheriff's deputies in Kitsip County, Washington during a welfare check at an address provided by California Adult Protective Services.

According to authorities:

Casey and his wife visiting others at a home. The couple told deputies they were on vacation

But now, if he was seen and spoken to, why can't an exact location be determined?

I find it impossible to believe that the deputies didn't know where they were.

Not only that, but Kasem's daughter was named conservator of Casey plus she has filed a missing person report.

Given all this, how is it that Casey's location has not been named and how is Kasem's wife, Jean, not in the slammer?

Safe to say this story has more life in it.

Kasem, is not suffering from Parkinson's as reported earlier in the week. The beloved radio hot has 'Lewy Body Disease' which is a form of dementia.