2020 just won't quit for Louisiana, now we have another hurricane barreling towards the Gulf and heading for our coastline.

Currently the National Hurricane Center has their forecast track of Tropical Storm Zeta tearing through Southeast Louisiana and curving into Mississippi and Alabama.  The timing on the northeasterly turn of the storm strongly depends on the cold front that is moving towards Louisiana from the west.  If the front stalls out and slows, obviously that's bad news for us in SWLA.

Zeta's pressure is falling and the storm is becoming more organized.  It's expected to become a hurricane later this morning.

National Hurricane Center

It's still too early to tell where Zeta will be making landfall, however tropical-storm-force winds extend outward over 100 miles from the center of the storm.  It's expected the most of Louisiana's coast will start feeling tropical storm-force-winds by Wednesday morning.

National Hurricane Center

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